Peterborough 2016

Our first real trip away in Jean-Luc was to the motorhome show in Peterbourgh, we had done little mileage and this would be a good 400 miles round trip, we like Peterbourgh and have visited the show the last three years. I will say we had been lucky and the weather had favoured the fair weather campers, not 2016 because it rained and I fully expected to sea Noha. We were guided to our camping spot and having enquired if he really wanted me to park there I was told yes that it would be ok, well it bloody well was not ok.

Bloody Mud


I put out our traction mats and carefully parked on them, nothing was going to trap me! well I was wrong! again! what made things worse was that we were directed to within three meters of the van if front, I hope they are leaving Sunday was all I said, they weren’t!

Sunday came and so did the patient wait our turn for the tractor to come and tow us out, no shame as very few people were able to move off the site without the aid of these 4×4 monsters.

I was still trying to clear the mud from the underside of Jean Luc in August!

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