Peterborough Motorhome Show

We set off on the Friday morning to the Peterborough show ground for the annual motorhome show, we had been here on a number of occasions and it was Jean-Luc’s first real trip last year, we managed to get him well and truly stuck, so this year we hoped we would be able to drive on and of the site without tractor aid!

We like this show, it was here we found our second Autotrail, a Delaware, and it holds fond memories of browsing vans and spending far too much on the trade stands so it is always a fond favourite.

We arrived early on the Friday hoping to bag a good spot, were thought we had been given the perfect pitch until we saw the wind direction and the dirt being carried by it from the road right in front of the van, I had hoped to have him professionally washed and polished but the dirt carried from the road would have made this a pointless expense.

Jean-Luc at the Peterborough Motorhome show 2017

Luckily the rain overnight on the Friday reduced the volume of airborne dirt carried on the wind by the now almost constant stream of vans and caravans passing us on their way to pitches further on, the rain had also made Jean-Luc look like a mud streaked refugee!

We had arranged to meet some friends who were looking to buy a motorhome, their first, so we were looking forward to looking round a lot of vans with them. Although they did not buy on the day I am sure they went away with a broad idea of what they wanted and what was available, and we certainly enjoyed the excitement of looking for that perfect vehicle, even if it was not to be ours.

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