Cobb Gas BBQ

I initially bought the Gas Cobb BBQ because some sites both here and in Europe don’t allow charcoal or other open flame types, having already bought the Cobb Kitchen in a bag I deduced that with the gas version I would be able to use the various cooking surfaces I already had! Well you would have thought that was a sound deduction but I was so wrong!

The Cobb Gas BBQ is massive and takes none of the components of the charcoal version, but is it any good?

I am torn as to if it is or is not ideal, the physical size is the main draw back as it is such a large lump to cart about, but it does cook food really well and has a versatility that I am still exploring even after using it for over three years.

The pictures of the two together will give you an idea as to the size difference, to say I am undecided is still valid as I have not owned any other type of gas BBQ I have no reference or comparison to draw from, what I will try and do is to pass on my experiences with both and let you decide.