A Quiet January

Jean Luc has gone back to Highbridge for his habitation service and some warranty work, we are not sure at this point how long he will be away but it is fair to say not much is going to happen this month.

All is not lost as we are having an external BBQ gas point fitted so we are looking forward to trying this out when we get him back. When we collect him we are planning to go to the Cotswolds for a few days as it is on the way home, as we are passing it seemed like a good idea.

The planned trip to the Cotswolds did not happen, instead we opted for a run back across the A303 and into Wiltshire, we have not been through Salisbury since we left some 9 years ago, it was nice to see familiar places and the stunning scenery, you easily forget what was on your doorstep, we must go back a stay somewhere where we can revisit our old haunts.

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