A Quiet February

We had known the start of the year was going to be quiet as the van, Jean-Luc, was going back to Highbridge for the habitation service and some warranty work.

What I did not count on was being quite ill through most of February, in fact we only managed to get away for a brief trip to Kent and that was cut short with possibly the worst cough I have ever had taking man flu to a whole new level, still being a loving husband I shared my malady with my wife who took it upon herself to develop the full symptoms at the start of March, keeping it going into another month.

So to Kent in February, we had booked into the Tanners Farm Park campsite about 2.5 miles from Marden, the site is quiet but has all of the facilities you would expect including a proper motorhome service point. The only drawback with the site is the need to have your own transport, we managed on the Monday to arrange a taxi to get to the rail station in Marden as we planned to go to Canterbury for the day, we should have arranged one for the return journey at the same time because the trip back was to prove troublesome!

Marden Kent

The trip to Canterbury should have been a simple direct train from Marden and about 30 minutes in duration, well we did not take into account the signal problems East Coast Trains were experiencing so a change at Ashford was needed and again we did not expect the 90 minute wait for the next train. Tracey did manage to strike up a friendship with a chap who was only too pleased to explain the benefits of the new Italian built Eurostar Trains over the previous Japanese built version, 36 years together and I never knew she was a train spotter!



Canterbury is a lovely City however on this visit a trip to the cathedral was not going to happen as it was cloaked in scaffolding, I just did not feel like paying for a trip in when you could not see the great outside as well, another day maybe as we do plan to go back. We walked around the shops found somewhere to eat and then set off back to Marden and the campsite.

The trip back was a simple direct train and did only take about 30 minutes, the problems of the morning had obviously been resolved. We arrived at Marden and tried to arrange a taxi back to the campsite, the distance is not too far at a little over 2.5 miles but the are no paths and the road is quite busy so not the best for walking. A taxi turned out to be a rare thing indeed, nothing at the stations and nothing available via the telephone numbers we had used to book our outbound trip, so we set off walking.

We stopped and asked a lady getting out of her car if there were any bus services that may be going in our direction, the answer was unexpected, No! but jump in and I will take you she said, not to look a gift horse in the mouth we did, so if you are in Marden pay a call into the West End Tavern as the landlady is a very nice person indeed.

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